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Intestinal Brain

Behind the project Intestinal Brain we find Greg Iliadis, raised and born in Athens/Greece. Born in 1979, Greg had a huge love about psychedelic trance since he was a kid and in 1995 he started to participate in local parties and events of that time. In 1998, after a lot of practice and patience, he started to Djing and in 2004 was an active Dj under the name 'GREG DEEP'. Since 2010 and after, Greg played his favorite music next to professional and famous artists like: Moschic, Egorythmia, Andromeda, to mention a few. Expanding and discovering experiences, people and vibes, Greg felt the need to transport his feelings (joy, sadness, anger, love, anxiety) into music. In 2014 the 'Intestinal Brain' project was born. Greg seems to be a unique and much ambitious artist with a giant appetite for music creation. He has released two single Eps until now and he is already cooking his next tunes. Both releases were exposed by our label Infinity-Tunes. His style can described as Progressive Psy-Forrest trance, with dark and multiple effects and trippy sounds.

intestinal 358






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