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Behind the Liveloula project we find Maria Veniopoulou, an experienced Dj and an ambitious music composer, based in Thessaloniki/Greece. Maria is involved with electronic music and specific with psychedelic trance since the year 2000. After many adventures 'inside' the paths of the psy-culture, many party events and 'dreaming' moments, Maria is equipped with spiritual energies and beautiful memories in order to express creativity. With big interest in 2011 she started producing dj sets for various radio shows and in 2013 she made her first steps on music productions through DAWs. After many releases, single EPs, collaborations and 'exports' on various artists compilations, Maria is now a member of the Infinity-Tunes family and a radio producer on 'Radio q37'. Her music contains relaxed sounds, slow beat/ambient rhythms, multiple strange effects and chill-out vibes. Her first and full length debut upcoming album will be released by Infinity-Tunes in the near future.

Liveloula 352





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