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Nick Karamalakis from Greece is the man behind the project 'Infinity'. As a guitar player with much enthusiasm and strong influences from the European psychedelic music, he creates deep psy-progressive dancefloor oriented music. His debut first album 'Control Group' features nine psy-progressive trance tracks with thumping kicks, groovy rhythms and deeply pushing baselines. His second album 'Wasted Years' takes you on the journey of his life, a dance through his memory lane, his personal experiences and revelations, a much more deep and mature piece that reflects his improvements in life and musical career. Infinity's productions incorporate a strong rhythmic and musical feel whilst remaining deep and stompy. Infinity has many releases which appeared in several labels like Blue Tunes, Mikrokosmos, Y.S.E., Spintwist ,Iono Music and naturally in his own record label 'Infinity-Tunes'.

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