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Akron is Manuel Fernandez from Mexico, a true genuine elevation mind. Manuel started to produce psychedelic music in 2001 under the project 'Micro Machine'. A few years later in 2005 he changed his music direction and experimented in some Tech-House Electro sounds. After some tracks he decided that finally psychedelic trance was the style that he needed to give all his energy and 'Akron' project was born. Akron introduces freshness, layers of warm scented rays of sun, hypnotic melodies and powerful bass lines offering a true discharge power. His first debut EP 'The Last Survivor' is definitely one of those rear Ep's which not only bear a cool concept but is highly uncompromised, a brilliant selection of music. He is also the second member of the rising and very promising psy project 'Procyon' that he is running with his good friend and music partner Israel Noren aka Trycerapt. This all combined and with perfect production qualities makes Akron a beloved and respected artist.

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