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Enarxis aka Kostas Giannakopoulos and Achilleas Kalaitzoglou based in Athens/Greece, taking inspiration from various artists, they started to produce their own music from their early age. Deep philosophy meets raging dance floor epics fueled by pristine and crisp production while maintaining all the right elements to deliver a satisfying conclusion. The meaning of the word 'Enarxis' in Greek means 'The Beginning'. Composing music since 2000 in the Uplifting Trance genre under the name 'Chaostar', they decided to make a new progressive project in 2011 and 'Enarxis' was born. Trance is their passion and for them progressive is all about evolving and being open minded in new ideas. Their style can be described powerful and punchy with fat bass lines, uplifting melodies and huge stab synth riffs. Their inclination to make dynamic tracks allows them to pull the crowd into the vortex of energy that revolves around their persona.

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