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Alexander Pidgorny from Kiev/Ukraine, also well known from his side project 'Tentura', is the master mind behind 'Spacenode'. Alexander was born in 1983, he is a piano player and has a professional music education. With his solo project 'Spacenode' that was created on June 2013, he presents a mixture of different influences from a wide range of electronic music styles. With Alexander's experiences playing live in many open air festivals all over Ukraine, expect nothing less than deep, sophisticated and emotional music. His Ep called 'Solaris', colorful vibrates of deep, juicy sounds and employs a unique approach for the listener. We must say that his track 'Moonfire' was one of the highlights for 2014 and received overwhelming reactions. Alexander's compositions are perfectly nice, twisted stories, driven by pounding basslines with artfully woven arpeggios and powerful samples for bringing smiles and pounding feet to all dancers.

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