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Nick Pall

Dj Nick Pall was born in Athens in May 1978. He is the owner and managing director at UNITEAM. His knowledge in different types and shapes of music was the birth tool that gave him the extra push that he needed to start his productive experimentations. Always been moved with the enthusiasm of classic elements, he developed a unique style of his own. Been buzzed and adored by electronics, he dove into reinterpret and reinvent new ways of sequencing and sampling. In addition and attempt to understand even more the scene, he started a long lasting collaboration as a resident / guest dj to a vast number of Athens clubs which he is still devoted until this very day. In 2014 he became a part of Infinity-Tunes. He has worked and played along side with well known artists like: Atmos, Vertical Mode, Infinity, Koi Boi, Opposite8, Vibrasphere, Protonica, Galactica, Dj Martin, Liquid Soul, E-Clip and more.






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