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Six years ago in 2009, a star started to brightly shine on the trance scene of the capital of Mexico - it was the project 'Trycerapt'. Israel Noren is the man who gives life to this new project. Influenced from the underground sound of electronic genre, Trycerapt started to dj-ing and playing in many parties while later on he felt the need to create his own stories though music and finally Brought us his own unique style that is characterized by pretty strange and futuristic sounds that makes the listener to never forget about. His style is characterized by unusual synth reefs, great solo parts and unforgettable soundscapes. You can clearly hear the fusion between psychedelic and progressive and this has created the 'Trycerapt' sound trademark. It shows all eccentricity of Noren's style and the crowd appreciate this. He is also the first member of the rising and very promising psy project 'Procyon'.

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