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Our planet has been the refuge of amazing creatures, they do not know exactly what is the purpose of each one of them and much less where they come from, therefore 'Trycerapt' is the perfect recreation of one of the ancient inhabitants of the planet earth. This dinosaur was characterized by its ability to defend itself. His body, considered of great resistance, along with the horns, allowed him to face the greater predators. Israel Noren of the State of Mexico is the only one capable of giving life to this project. At the end of 2012 he decides to start doing his own Studio work and since then this 'creature' has not stopped evolving, its style does not have a specific pattern and this allows a better, surprising attack in the mind of the listener, making impossible to forget. You can clearly hear the fusion between psychedelic and progressive. 'Trycerapt' has released music on record labels such as Infinity-Tunes, Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Digital Nature Records, Ovnimoon Records and more.

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