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Born in Germany, Dj Psyflame aka Jens Paulsen started deejaying as a teen. He got into psy music in the late 90's when was invited to a party. He was so amazed about it that he started to go to more events. It was love at first sight. At that moment he knew his thermodynamic system would only be stabilized if he started to translate what he had in his mind into a sonic configuration, and so in 1998 'Psyflame' was born. In 2008 he met Dj Erikson and they started the Dj project Psyflame & Erikson. He was invited to play his music on many gigs like: Bam Lable Party Koln, Eishaus Lubeck, Fabrik Wobelin, Shiva OA 2013 and more. Psyflame's sound is energetically and floating and often provided with freaky vocals and crazy synths. His sets are based on a style with strong basslines, refined ideas, psychedelic rhythms and a lot of groove made specifically to keep the floor moving.

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