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Crop is Achilleas Kalaitzoglou, also known from his Progressive trance project "Enarxis". Born and living in Athens/Greece, Crop experiments through various types of sound and styles such as chillout, downtempo, dubstep and electronica (to mention a few) and he is blending them all together without limitations. The result of this is that every single track he creates has a story to tell, with big emotional melodic riffs, abstract soundscapes and rhythmic elements along the ride for a unique aural journey. He has several releases under respected records labels. Crop's music has dreamy synthesizers and lush melodies, a dynamic rise of mesmerizing and hypnotizing textures with an ongoing soaring character. With this solo project, he express his other side of his character and delivers us a unique music style that generates positive vibes and leaves you with a huge smile and an open heart.

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