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Aura aka Bill Ladas based in Athens/Greece is one of the upcoming artists that will surprise you! With strong ambitions, Aura is offering musical masterpieces for your personal relaxation and enjoyment. After his first encounter with trance in the 90's, Bill decided to send his own sonic frequencies into outer space and started to produce his own music. Through his experiences, Aura 'hit' our speakers with his first debut radical down-tempo imprint EP 'Expecting The Oracle' and some months later he presented us his second work 'Savinka' were he managed to create one massive, blasting track after the other, presenting music which will not only be powerful on the chill floors but totally emotional and will touch the hearts and souls of masses of progressive down beat trance addicts all over the world. According to Bill, his music is best described as a sci-fi, sound fairytale-story, down-tempo orientated trance with coded datas and conversions. Progressive Greek down-tempo material in its true sense.

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