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El Mahi Abdelghani aka Hamada, born in Casablanca is a new comer producer and one of the most talented and creative new-comer artists of the Italian trance scene. Hamada started his first music creations - productions experiments in 2010 and his music is a rare blend of Arabian deserts and gothic dungeons. Deep dub basslines fuse with pumping drums, subtle melodies combined with Indian tabla's across makes his music a sweet aftertaste. With much enthusiasm and creativity, Hamada had progressed and developed his sound skills from track to track, constantly improving his music and reached a very good level of production. He has release two digital Eps until now, 'PsyArab & Beyond Space' where he demonstrates various styles of psychedelic trance, mainly powerful and morning prog style that would rock every dancefloor in the globe. We can expect to see Hamada exceed his prior achievements in 2016 and continue his year to year advances in production and musical directions, always pushing the envelope and pleasing his fans.

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