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Nils Soller aka Dj Nola is our veteran Disc Jockey. Based in Switzerland, Nils had his first contact with psychedelic trance music back in 1989. At that time, he visited a G.O.A party in Ko Phangan and immediately felt in love with the music. Pure energies and psychedelic frequencies filled his body and mind and there was no chance to resist. After his first experience, Nils started to join more psychedelic parties. Even the fun was great, he felt that something was missing. He felt the need to be that guy who will drop killer tracks on the dancefloors and the crowd will dance on his vibes. Few years later he bought two CD-Players and started practicing in mixing. Year after year he became better and better and now we confront a great and experienced DJ. Nils also has organized several parties in Zurich and all of them had much success. His psy-progressive sounds are characterized by powerful baselines and melodic parts. Dj Nola loves to play at outdoor-parties, especially in the morning hours when the sun comes up.

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