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Illegal Substances

Behind the project Illegal Substances is Sotiris Koulis, involved in trance music over a decade now. Based in Athens / Greece, in 2009 he started this new project, bringing a new wave in the progressive psy trance scene. Under the name of Illegal Substances, Sotiris has produced many tracks for various compilations and released some Ep’s in big labels all over the world. In October 2013 he released his debut album called ‘’Tradition’’, climbing on Numb.3 of Psyshop’'s psytrance charts and becoming one of the most beloved albums of the year. His style can be characterized by endless drum rhythms, totally morning atmosphere and melodic psychedelic leads & Arps, all wrapped in a flowing and shaking groove, driven by fat bass lines and punchy kicks. Illegal Substances is one of the most promising projects of the scene, being influenced by Greek Traditional music, his composing is 100% for the dancefloor, offering a mental and body experience. His new latest Ep called 'Pride' was released in 2015 by Infinity-Tunes.


Illegal 358





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