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HpsyV is the new side project of Nick Karamalakis, based in Athens. Nick is an electronic music composer, producer and guitar player with more than 10 years of experience. He has three full length albums under the psy-projects 'Infinity' & 'Progenitor' and multiple releases on TOP major labels such as Spintwist, Blue-Tunes, Iono-Music, and off course on his own record label 'Infinity-Tunes'. With this new aggressive project, Nick expresses a different aspect of his character. With fat bass lines, crazy effects, flexible, modernistic and strong abnormal ideas, HpsyV is rugged, distorted, hot, intelligent, twisted, strange, bumpy, psychopathic and its coming directly from Greece. A peculiar 'combo' music package for the soul surfers and the drug-porn addicted personalities. But words are poor, just press the play button and get infected..

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