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Behind the project ENKI is Hugo Sánchez Garcia, originally born and based in Mexico city. Enki gave birth to this project in 2009. His unique style is based and influenced mainly towards the perfect union of the batteries and surround sounds of underground techno combined with solid, progressive bass-lines, polished pads and leads, super effects and loony vocals, adding the obscure and sinister touch that characterizes his melodies and deep style. Aroused by strong night sound, the main objective of his recipe is to take the listeners in a mental and spiritual journey through his creations, obtaining a different sound to the psytrance scene of the present time. Enki's tunes are a blend of 'prog-forrest' pulses and explorations through extreme sonic frequencies and textures that will drive you in a strange, dark state of mind. We personally love Hugo's work and we are very happy to have him on board.

Enki 358





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